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What are the 7 Benefits of Onion Juice?

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Onion is a vegetable which has so many benefits for different diseases and due to its beneficial ingredients, there are so many benefits of onion juice. Onion which is the main vegetable of our meals, has benefits for so many illnesses. Thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains, it helps us to protect against numerous diseases. The benefits of onion juice are a topic that is frequently discussed on the women forums and websites. Here are the 7 benefits of onion juice!


What are Benefits of Onion Juice ?

When talking about the benefits of onion and its juice, it is first thought that it is a natural antibiotic. Since it has a protective effect against many illnesses, it is recommended that everyone consume regularly. Here are known 7 benefits of onion juice can be listed as follows;

1 – Refreshes the Skin

Onion Juice

Onion makes human skin refreshed and relaxed. So many people apply onion juice masks their skin and drink onion juice. Someone who says I drank onion juice for 15 days helps the wounds on the skin to heal more quickly.

2 – Protects Human Body from Infections


Onion juice is a protective food for many infection-based illnesses. Thanks to its antioxidant-content, it protects human body from infectious diseases. It also consists of sulfur compounds which makes skin clearly and younger.

3 – Strengthens the Immune System


The polyphenols in onion juice are free radicals’ enemies and protect our bodies against them. Even if the amount is almost negligible, it gives strength to the immune system with the mineral selenium. It is possible to stop histamine production and prevent allergic events by consuming onion juice. On the other hand, onion juice, which stops infections with its antimicrobial property, is recommended to cancer patients because it strengthens the weakened immune system during radiation therapy.

4 – One of the Most Important Benefits of Onion Juice | Prevents Cancer


The polyphenols in onion juice protect the body against free radicals. Free radicals primarily cause the formation of bad cells, tumors. Being an antioxidant with polyphenols, onion juice helps the body protect and fight cancer. As a result of researches, it has been revealed that onion consumption reduces the risk of cancer.

5 – Helps to Protect Heart Health


Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and lowering cholesterol, onion juice reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as hardening of blood vessels, high heart pressure, heart attack. A study revealed that onion juice consumption balances blood pressure.

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